How to hide bot progress bar?

How to hide the BOT progress bar? Can anyone help me, because of one of the processes I am working on has mouse click action and it is present in the bottom-right corner of the screen? It is a Web App and there no further space to scroll to do to scroll and click.

Hi, @mjana there is currently no option to move the progress bar. As it is a web application, you can use Xpath option to click on the element, or Text (if it is a link).

hi @ashapkina,
Thank you for the replay . The problem is that the workfusion studio is in client PC and it is a old version (to be exact version- 1.4) and we dont have permission to update the studio in that PC . Till now we are running the process by moving the progress bar to the left manually by giving wait time at the start. I know that for the latest version we will not face this issue. Can you check with your dev team for any solution.

Thank you

You can use clicks by XPaths in version 1.4, too.

Another solution would be to run the process from Control Tower, not directly from Studio. There will be no progress bar in this case.

We have some custom scripts in the recorder file and when we tried to upload the process to control tower it is throwing error.So that’s that reason we are running using studio.

Is this the issue you had in Control Tower?