How to Hide Control Panel

Is there any way to hide the control panel that sits at the bottom right hand of the screen while using RPA Express? It currently won’t even disappear when I close the program down either.

please send us a screenshot

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You just need to hover over this panel and then move your cursor out of the panel.

I’ve done that many times, shut down the program (even in task manager), and rebooted my computer as well. Even when I click the (x)Exit button it won’t do anything.

How can this panel remain after reboot? RPA Express is not added to auto-run.

Reboot #6 and its gone! Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, does WorkFusion Express have an operator that works like a “wildcard” (i.e. April(wildcard) input at the end of a file extension that would capture anything including April in the document)

It remained as in when I restarted the computer, and launched the browser again, the error remained. But all fixed now.