How to implement this attended automation?


  1. People use chrome to access a web application
  2. Finish some tasks in this web application
  3. Want to let bot step in to finish the rest

Can Workfusion implement this attended automation? Have to use RPA express?
My concern is that this may not feasible because there is no way the bot can get the window handler of the web application, which was opened by human.

Hi @ryanyu_liuHiDW
Do you mean that bot should start automatically after people complete some tasks?

yes, exactly. Bot going to take over the web browser and finish the rest of work. But it looks like workfusion can’t do this because driver only has control on windows initialized by itself.

@ryanyu_liuHiDW Seems like you’re right.
The only thing I can suggest:
If you do manual job at the same time every day, you can schedule a bot for the time which you finish that job.

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