How to import existing projects in RPA Express after Windows update?

I upgraded my computer to Win10, but now I can’t find the RPA express exe file, so I need to download it again. However after downloading it takes like two minutes to start the studio. Also I am unable to import my saved projects. How do I do that?

Best regards, Peter

Hi @peter.lundin did you reinstall RPA Express?

do you get any error when you open old projects in the Studio?

Yes, I did have to download it and install it all over. Now when I open the studio, the rpae folder is empty and I don’t know how to import the folder (which I saved to my cloud).

@peter.lundin you just need to copy all folders with recordings to your current workspace ( by default, C:\Users\username\my-workspace\rpae_project ) and then refresh the Media files tab - the files will appear in the Studio.

ok, I did refresh the media files tab, but still can’t see project (that I copied to C:\Users\username\workspaces\rpae_project

Must be wrong place.

Right click - Refresh

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Ah, I refreshed from file! It worked fine when right clicking. Thanks!

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For the future, if this no work, tries this path ------->