How to insert snapshots into excel

Dear Team,

I am trying do some automation flow. in that I need to take snapshot of webpage and save it into excel.

I am trying to use abby reader for that. Abby takes screenshot and save it into clipboard.

Can you please suggest me hoe to store clipboard value into variable. So I can store this value into list and then we can put it into excel one by one.

Please help me its urgent…

Hi Amol
When you open the webpage do you see all the content you need to copy on screen or would you need to scroll? If you have all on screen then just use the PrntScrn button on your keyboard:

Open website
Keystrokes PrntScr (or whatever is the key combination to print screen on your keyboard)
Open Excel file
CTRL-V (pastes the screen print into your Excel file)
and then go to the next website and do the same.

Hope that works
Kind regards

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