How to iterate through excel rows using Excel Action library?

I am using RPA Express 1.1.1 Beta version which I got in Download link.
I am now trying to open an excel spreadsheet and iterate through its rows to get inputs from each row in a list. Obviously I am using a loop to do that.
But I am stuck with positional row which I select at the start of the loop.

How do I overcome this issue?


Please post here your recording (44.1 KB)
Please find attached my recording.

Also below are my queries:

  1. How can I set a value to a recorder variable using Expression if it is of type String?
  2. how can I set any excel row as current using a Recorder variable? Means suppose I declare a recorder variable of type string, set its value as “A1” and then assign it as index for excel row.


please find the solution below - How to read excel spreadsheet to a List or Table variable


I need to look for same account number in the column and then if same account exists i have to compare the respective security number, if security numbers are same then i have to sum the balance. Could you please help me out.

expecting: 1234 in A2 and 1234 in A3 are same then go to security number 987 in B2 is same as 987 in B3, then add C2 and C3.