How to modify table data?


You can save the data from excel into tables, but how to modify or use filter as per column name?

For example, you have table in excel with the following columns and rows:

name marks city
A 90 Mumbai
B 70 Delhi
C 100 Mumbai.

I have entered the following information in the table using set range option and capturing it in table, now want to use loop to get only mumbai name in another table or excel.

@prabhu_venkat so do you need to search for Mumbai in this Excel file, and copy some data to another Excel file based on the result?

Yes…so i create a new variable as table for example table1 and table2 as variable…

using code open excel and store some range or data in that table1…now want to use filter in that table1 and get that result in table2

Hi @prabhu_venkat
There is no search option in the Excel actions. So either you open the spreadsheet via mouseclick and keystrokes and apply the normal excel filter or you use Excel action open spreadsheet and within a loop run through each line of the spreadsheet checking the values in the search column for the search term. Then get the values which you need out of the cells of that line.
If the table is not too large this goes quite quickly.

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