How to move info between bot tasks on control tower?

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I am trying to move information from one process to another. However, it is not taking the information. It is always initialized (in the case of being numbers or booleans). I also ask (to the bot task with “IF”) if there has been an error and if it fails to add “1” to a numeric variable and retry it, in this way when it reaches “3” it fails the process and goes to the process of sending mail and finish the bp. However, every time it enters it sets the variable to 0 and it is always worth as much the variable 1. How can I move information between bot task?
I want to avoid doing an excel with the error logs, call it and check how many errors I have.

I ask something similar on " How to transfer variable values from one bot to another bot in RPA Express 2.0.4? " for a better understanding.

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If you have the same variable in the bot tasks, the data is transferred in this variable from one task to the other.
Can you share your business process or the recordings (bot tasks) so we can test from our side?

It’s a private web that you won’t have access, anyway if it’s necesary i will send you.

I put some images and try to explain me.

work2 work3

If there is an error, retry once, if Okey has gone to the next one and you have failed in the second, go to “last retry” and go to send an email. That should be its functionality.

If an error occurs (for example, the login fails) it happens if or by “Else” in addition to the three expressions so when the process is executed again (it does) the value “mail1” should be “1” and entering by “Then” (something it does not do) thus doing “lasttrylogin” = true and error_login = 2 (each time it goes through “expression value to error_login” it adds 1 to the counter). This way you should leave and go to the outlook.

@druizvar you cannot repeat steps in the business process. The process cannot go back to the previous bot task. After the rule, it can go to either to the next step or the end of the process.

If you need to program the bot to repeat the actions if a certain condition is met, you need to do it in the recording (bot task) itself. You can do it with the help of While loop, for example, or with IF condition.

Another way is to have the same bot task as one of the next steps in the business process (copy it) and route the bot to it.

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I try that you said in the firts bot task. Now this bot task works correctly if we talk about retries.

However, if we talk about passing the information from one bot task to another … the latter does not. The variables are the same since I call the same process. Do I have to add some code to the bot task or do I have to touch something in the control tower? Also … If I had to repeat this bot for example 10 times, I should call this bot task 10 times. Is not there a way to make loops in the control tower as a feature?

No, you cannot make loops in Control Tower.
They have to be made inside the bot task.

How do you know the data is not transferred?

hi @ashapkina,

Acadia_Bot_Project_21_05_201905221028.xlsx (5.1 KB)

In the attacked excel you can see the result of this bot task. If the variable “mail1” has failed for the first time, it should be “1” instead of “0” and therefore go through the “then”, making the variable “contathen” be “1”. However this does not.

I understand that when you call the bot task again, initialize all the variables.

Are you sure the variable doesn’t get overridden somewhere later in the process?

You can see that the values are transferred in this small test process.
It is very simple: the first bot task adds 2 numbers together and saves in the variable “sum”, the second one multiplies “sunm” by 10.

You will see in the process results that the second bot uses the updated value of “sum”, not default one (which is 0). (6.8 KB)