How to open a specific Chrome profile?

I’m trying to open Chrome and click on an extension, but the browser that loads is a temp profile that doesn’t have the extensions installed. Is there any way to install the extension on that specific profile or make the bot open my profile with the Open browser action?

Hi @oliver_aragon try exporting your recording to a bot task and adding this capability to it Firefox does not save "Security Exception"

Sorry if I’m a bit slow. I created a new profile for Chrome, I copied the profile path to the capability. I exported to a bot task and added the capability. I don’t understand how to run it now. I go back to the original recording and try to run it, and I still get the temp profile.

Hi @oliver_aragon,

Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my previous answer.

When you export a recording to a bot task and change the code, you cannot play it again from the Recorder with these changes. There are two ways you can run it:

  1. From WorkFusion Studio by running the bot from the menu. You will see the information about the code execution in the console at the bottom of the page.

  2. Publish the Bot task to Control Tower and run it from there.