How to open a website in chrome?

I am getting an error unable to open URLAction. How to solve this?

@Anvesh10071995 Please share the text of the error and the screenshot of the Open Website action.

That is the error I am facing.

Try using the full URL:

Not working. The error is the same.

Please press Details, copy the error log and post here.

The error log is below.

Error executing OpenURLAction Error executing TemplateAction[templateName=OpenURLAction.ftl,id=1,name=Optional[OpenURLAction],parent=-1,children=[2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11],arguments=ActionArguments[delay=[0],xsi:type=[recorder:OpenURLAction, recorder:OpenURLAction],waitTimeout=[90000],pollingInterval=[300],active=[true],actionDetails=[(],type=[CHROME],url=[],awaitTimeout=[5000]]]
Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: session not created exception: Chrome version must be >= 63.0.3239.0

Please check which version of Chrome you have.

It’s Version 54.0.2840.99

ok. But what should I do for it to work?

You need to update Chrome.

Are you using RPA Express 1.4.0?

Yeah. Version 1.4.0-beta

Which Version of Chrome will suffice?

At least 63.0.3239.0, but you can update to the latest one.

I will try it and let you know if that helps. Thank You.

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Anveesh please give wait time in url call

How is this achieved? I am having different timeout issues with chrome and IE and playback doesn’t seem to honor the “Wait up to _ milliseconds” setting

Is this problem resolved?

I cannot open neither chrome and nor firefox. I can open only IE.
It is giving Error executing OpenURLAction
Both chrome and Firefox are latest versions and I’m using RPA Express 2.0.2 which is also latest.

@srinivas.gedela could you share the details of the error that you get?

@ashapkina I’m trying to launch a website using chrome. While bot is able to launch chrome broswer however it is not typing the url in the browser. It is typing “:data” . please see the screenshots:

Website screenshot below: