How to open hyperlinks from excel

How a set of hyperlinks given in excel spreadsheet can be opened using workfusion automation?

Hi @amrutha.soman

sure, you can read the links to a recorder variable of List type, and then use For Each loop to open each link in the list (use the name of the variable as the url)

Check out this training video on using loops and variables:

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Hi Alesia,

For test purpose i checked with a random link. Here i had to enter the credentials. I entered the username with mouse click and keystrokes action but unfortunately password is not getting entered. The password field is not getting selected by mouse click action. Why is it happening and what is the solution for it?

Amrutha Soman

@amrutha.soman did you click on the username/password field using XPath? In this case try checking the XPath of the password field again, maybe it is incorrect.

But it is more reliable to insert username/password using Web element action (Set value) - this way you will only need one action instead of two (click+enter keystrokes).

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How to open hyperlinks from excel using http plugin?

@hemaswapnika_e do you need to open the pages in browser or get information from the server without opening them?

I need to get the information from them using http plugin

Hi ashapkina,
Could you please help on this.