How to open next link on the table on the web page?



Please help me to record scenario of opening hyperlinks in loop from the table. Below i give an example of web page.

How you can see, there are six columns. In the fifth column are the links that interest me, and i want to open then in the loop.

Please advise me how can i do that?


Hi, there. Its required to have some coding skills to do that.

So the approach here is following:

  1. Save this full page from driver.getPageSource() into any varialbe
  2. Make html-to-xml transformation
  3. extract all links into list variable using xpath
  4. Iterate through the list


Thank you! Do i have to use it with “Custom action”? Is it available in RPA Express?


hi, we have no such Actions.

But you also try to use different approach described in Buseness Process ‘Check criminal records’


@Konstantin_Loparev - you can also use the table scraping functionality -

As a workaround, you can make a loop with mouse scroll inside.


@azinchuk Would you please clarify how one would use table scraping for following the links?

When I tried using that functionality, it just gave me the visible text of the table and not the links.



In the next release we will introduce a new feature - get / set any attribute of a Web Element. So you would be able to get all the links (href attribute)


So, it would not be feasible in v. 1.1.4 to use table scraping for following links.

I have also tried clicking the first element (Using Mouse Click and XPath) and then scrolling, but I couldn’t figure out how to read the next link or click it in the loop.

Do you have an example on how to do something like this using currently available actions?


By the way, any estimated time for the next release?


next release is in a week.

For your case we do not have examples. As the easiest way, try to navigate between links using TAB


Thanks for the practical solution. In case anyone is looking for something similar, this is my current workaround:

  • Find the first link element by XPath
  • Shift + F10 for right click
  • Click by image: (Copy Location Link)
  • Set variable from clipboard
  • In the While Loop:
    • Push the variable to a list
    • Repeat (# of tabs to get to the next link)
      • Keypress {TAB}
    • Shift + F10
    • Click by Image
    • Set variable from clipboard

I hope it helps.