How to pass basic authentication

I want to log in a web site, but can’t type ID and password.
How can I pass Basic authentication in RPA Express?

I can log in using Firefox, but can’t using Chrome and IE.

@oyama according to the log, the process timed out. Try increasing the timeout for the mouse click action to 10 seconds.
Also, do you click on the field and then type the username and password? Maybe, you can replace it with Web element action (set value).

I tried what you proposed, but can’t type ID and Password.
I can’t get Xpath in basic authentication.

@oyama maybe, you could share the page URL or the source code of the pop-up to see what xpath you can use? it not and the xpaths don’t work, you could try using keystrokes to log in

Hi @oyama please try this solution

Let me know if it doesn’t work.

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I was able to log in what you proposed!
Thank you.

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Is this one resolved, I can pass the credentials via url in Selenium scripts but does not work in WorkFusion. Because password contains special characters.??

Hi @ManojPuri try to save the string with the URL and credentials in a variable, and then use the variable in the Open Website action.

Hi Ashapkin, Thanks much for your help…!! it worked. Would you let me know in case there is a way to maximize Chrome Browser window. Most of our applications are compatible with Chrome browser only.

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Sure! There is a Maximize Window action in the Actions Library that will maximize the browser window.

Thanks again!! it will help me to get going.

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