How to pay for RPA Express Subscription after expiry for 30 days trial

Hello Forum,

Please has any one paid for additional RPA Express subscription after expiry of the 30 days trial version?

I need help on steps to proceed.

Many thanks.

Hi @olawale.ojo

You can reach our RPA Express Pro team at They will walk you through the process step by step.

Many thanks ashapkina. Will do & revert

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I’ve not received any feedback from either nor ‘’.

Is there a way I can reach out to the team asides emails?? I need feedback urgently.



Email is the only way now.

Sorry for delay. I will ask the sales team to contact you asap.

Many thanks.

After the trial version, what does the use of the free version of RPA Express entail?

It has all features you have access to right now, but you will not have access to Pro features: you will not be able to execute business processes on several bots in parallel, and users in your network will not have remote access to the server Control Tower.
You can read more details about the Pro features here:

Hi, I’m yet get any response from Jordan Gottlieb; Doug Rich
Can you please help prompt the team??
We need to understand the next steps for us to decide as an organization.