How to perform a mouse click on dynamic list using for-each loop in Citrix?

Hi all,

I’m using RPA 2.0 to automate a Citrix application. The challenge before me at this point is to be able to read a dynamic list (variable on size, might be 2 items or 10 items) in a table and click on each item to edit and update. I was able to read the list from the Citrix application using OCR. However, I’m not able to click on each individual item in a for-each loop. The problem is that mouse click action requires fixed coordinates to perform the click action. The fixed coordinates are not known ahead of time. Also, the click is part of the for-each loop which means the parameters should be determined during the loop to be able to perform the mouse click on the individual items in the table.

I understand that working with Citrix application automation using RPA Express only offers image-based mouse actions with fixed coordinates or keystrokes which are posing this challenge. Is there a workaround?

Your help is much appreciated in advance.

-Hany Mesha

Are the 2 to 10 items always the same or do they vary? If they are always the same you could use the wait for image action. If the image of a specific item is found use mouse click on image. If not found, wait for the next image (=next possible item in list).

Thanks for your reply.

The list is dynamic so the text values and the number of the items in the image would change every time.

Ok, then my idea doesn’t work. How about this one: you find out via OCR the number of lines in the table. I assume that the position of each line in the screen is always the same. So if you have two lines for example do a mouse click first on position #1 and edit it, then on #2. Same procedure for 5 or 10 lines.
To determine the number of rows put your OCR result into a list variable and use expression value to find the number of rows.

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