How to pull a variable from column which has minimum value?

How to determine & copy a variable from a table which has got minimum total value (number) in another column in excel & paste the variable in another sheet?
As an example in the diagram, I wanted to pick a minimum value from Col E & then want to select the corresponding variable in column A. For example, currently, the minimum value is 2 & corresponding variable is Y.
This is a dynamic dashboard, so the position of minimum value keeps changing and so does the related variable.

hi @nkaushik is the minimal value always the same or it’s also dynamic?

Hi Iostapuk,
Value position will change it may be for X , y or Z any but with in col E.
Wanted to know if there is way to check for minimum value & pick the corresponding vairable from col 6


I think it should be easier to find the minimum value in Excel, then using RPA Express.
This video may help you.

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There is a min formula in Excel and function in VBA. Much easier to do it that way but in WF you can declare a variable min_value then assign the first value in the column to it. After that create a loop for all rows where with each row you compare: If min_value>current_row_value then min_value = current_row_value.

This way you will find the minimum value in that column as you always assign the lowest available value to the variable.