How to quit loop when a web element is not on the sreen?

We have a web application built by
On the screen there is grid table used to show search result and row number changes according to search criteria.
In the grid table, a dropdown list exist in the first column of each row.

What I am trying to do is loop rows in the table and set a value to the dropdown list.
However I don’t know how to quit the loop when hit the last row without causing WorkFusion error.

BTW, I am still new to WorkFusion. and I am using WorkFusion express 2.0-beta.

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Hi @jun_feng
So your current process runs well until the last row and then causes an error? In that case you could use the “Exception handling” action and combine it with a error true/false variable. Like this:

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Thank you @timriewe for the solution! It works for me!