How to read data from a table if table length keeps changing


I am sharing a word document with a snapshot of Historical data. The length of this data received in word document may change from 1 document to another, which means some document may have just 4 lines of historical data and some document may have 10 or more lines of historical data.

My query is how to configure my BOT to be able to handle such data variation and still have the capability to fetch all data from Word doc with heading “Historical Data” irrespective of the data length or size…

Snapshot attached.

Sample.docx (14.7 KB)



bot can click inside the table and then send the CTRLA + A and CTRL + C. Afterwards, the clipboard content can be parsed to a Table variable.

Another approach is to use mouse actions for table selection -

If you have tabular data, it might be more convenient to keep it in Excel and use our pre-built Excel actions, especially Get Range for your purpose. See -