How to run automation?


I’m new to RPA express.
I would like to ask if somebody can address me to the proper post or document where I can learn, if possible:

  • how to create an exe file of an automation configured with RPA express
  • if I can run my automaion from command line or bacth file, or similar

The point is how to launch automation withOUT deploy and schedule it into Control Tower.



@mporcile_Accenture3 - thanks for your request!

Right now, robotic automation script should be run either from RPA Recorder or from Control Tower.


I want to run the workfusion bot from the command line, is that possible?

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Hi @hkodapaka no, there’s currently no such option. See the post above for ways to run your scripts.

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@ashapkina Does control tower has API service? If so, we can trigger bot from control tower using API call. Is that possible?

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There is WorkFusion REST API you can use to start BPs.

You can find details about it here

Note that you need to use the UUID of a BP instance, not definition, to start it. Read how to find it here

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