How to run the rpa recording or the business process using command prompt?

I am new to Workfusion RPA. I have created one business process from IDE and when i run manually it is working perfectly fine.

Now my Question is: 1. Can we export any executable file so that i can execute it from command prompt? 2. Is there any way we can expose REST api for that business process, so that i can call from any other application?.

please help in this Thank you in advance

Hi Namratha,
There is currently no feature for generating executable files for RPA scripts, and we don’t provide any specific option to use REST API for RPA Express (other than Workfusion REST API, but it was not specifically designed to be used with RPA Express).

At the moment, apart from starting your business processes manually, you can run invoke them through Scheduler in the Control Tower.


I want to run my recording from command prompt, how can I run it?

@nandlal_gourmc There is currently no such option in RPA Express, see the post above for more info.