How to schedule BP programmatically?

I have a client requirement where an intermediate BP should trigger after 2 days of successful completion of a particular BP. Is there a way where we can configure the next BP schedule problematically.

Kindly provide if such thing can be done.

Sarvesh Dahiya

Hi @Sarvesh_Dahiya5 there is no out of the box solution for this.

But you could keep a log file for the first process that would keep the statuses of the first process runs (you can use Exception handling and write certain error message to the file if an error occurs), and then have a small bot task at the beginning of the second process will check this log file for any error messages for the past 2 days: if there are any - the process ends, if there are no error messages for the past 2 days - the process continues.
Hope it is helpful.

Thanks @ashapkina for the workaround. We can use data store also.

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