How to schedule in control tower in rpa express

Hi All,

Hi have created action flow for file movement and now I want to do scheduling for that.
requirement is every 15 minutes robot will run the flow.

I have published my solution on control tower and followed below steps of scheduler but scheduler not working. Please give me solution.

@amol_sonavane The server time on the screenshot is 05:49, while the schedule period starts at 11:12. Wait for the schedule period to start.
Server time is set to GMT, and all processes in control tower currently start according to GMT.

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can we change server time?

You cannot do it now.
But we will fix this issue for our May release - the processes will be triggered according to your user settings.

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Ok Thanks.:slight_smile:

Hi ashapkin

I thought if I change my laptop time then will reach to server time. but once I change laptop time automatically server time also change.

What version of RPA Express are you using?
In previous versions the server time was set according to your computer time.
But the business processes still start according to GMT.

1.2.0 beta

That was the behavior in the previous version of Control Tower.
Processes will still be triggered according to GMT.

We have fixed this issue for future release, so there will be no such confusion.

OK thanks ashapkina

Could you please tell me which is the latest version of RPA express now?

It is 1.4.0. We release it this week.

The bug with the scheduler will be fixed for our May release.


can you please send me link

You can download it using the same link that was sent to you when you registered for RPA Express.

ok thanks

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How to change server time? System time is normal, but in scheduler is not right.

Hi Kostya, the server time in the Scheduler is set to GMT time zone, and you cannot currently change it. The business processes are triggered according to GMT, too.
We will fix this issue for our the RPA Express release this May.

Hi Ashapkina,

I have created one action flow and schedule it on daily basis (every morning 8 am).But it shows some error. Attaching the log file. Please tell me how to solve it.events_root_8f2b41d4-f268-44f0-961e-ede6079f8c2a_2018-04-22 07_10_56.xlsx (7.1 KB)

It looks like you have variable called “item” in your recording, that’s why it is failing. You need to rename it.
Starting from 1.2.0, you cannot use “item” in Control Tower.

Hi Ashpakana

I have schedule one of the action flow and got error again.

Please see the log events_root_be8b8980-17a4-4927-b01d-f1466f541a38_2018-05-04 04_30_44.xlsx (6.4 KB)

Please help me in this case