How to schedule processes to run sequentially?


how do I schedule processes to run sequentially ie. not start the 2nd one before the 1st one has finished? Cannot find that as an option in the scheduler.

Any workaround here?

Thanks, P

Have you made a business process map in control tower and used that to sequence the processes?

For the sequential bot tasks yes. But I’d like to keep those two processes (that each contain multiple bot task steps) as separate ones.

How about creating a “Log file” that the first process writes a successful output to when it is done and using that as a check step to enable the second bot to run?

  • Bot 1 Process complete - create text file with “Finished” in first row

  • Bot 2 First step - read text file

  • If “Finished” then continue

  • else wait for TIME then look again.

  • Put in some timeout in case the first bot does not complete.

That might work. Sorry for the delay in responding again.

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