How to select dropdown list from list item

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I am trying to automate the process of changing the dropdown(with multiple values) and capturing the corresponding change value in the below list.

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Vijaya Sarathy S

please provide some details about the dropdown you want to use as the use cases can have different approaches.


Thanks for the reply. I have requirement web page having three dropdown with grid below. i need to capture all the combination in the drop with corresponding value change in the below grid. so i trying to store all the three dropdown value in the list and iterate those values using foreach , but inside for each i cannot able to select the dropdown using dynamic list item value.

Note: i have tried already tried “select/option[1]” using mouse click.but problem is Each drop down having 50 option so we need to repeat same code for all combination to read the data.

So now i am trying to optimize the code using foreach.

Thanks & Regards,
Vijaya sarathy S


the case with dropdowns depends of what kind of dropdown is implemented on the page you are trying to automate. Can you share the URL of the page?


Hope this example with Google finance will help you:

select-finance.7z (1.0 KB)

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@azinchuk thnx <3

When I try to use Web element to choose value to a combo box am getting an error saying “invalid element state: Element is not currently intractable and may not be manipulated”
It is for the google form assignment.
I have defined a variable called “journey” and value is “Actively Implementing RPA now”. when I choose webelement and provide xpath the combo box value is not getting set. please help. thank you


I am unable to use this solution.
Getting the error as : Failed to create the part’s controls while opening the file.