How to select today date after that converting time zone to EST timezone then selecting Id?

@azinchuk @a_kaltovich @RPAx-Support @ashapkina Can anyone please help with this scenario.
Sample table data as shown below.

Column 1 Column 5
Name Start time
A 1 1-Mar-19 12:00 AM BRT Xpath for 1st row: /tbody[1]/tr[1]/td[7]
B 2 1-Nov-18 2:00 PM +00:00
C 3 1-Dec-18 12:00 AM BRST
D 4 1-Nov-18 12:00 AM EDT
E 5 16-Nov-18 12:00 AM AEDT
F 6 17-Jul-18 12:00 AM EST

Based on today date and time I want to select name cell ,but here we are having different time zones ? I want to convert whatever time zone I received into EST time zone.
please give me some solutions to this issue.