How to select value from dropdown using WebElement(Xpath)


How to select value from dropdown using WebElement(Xpath).


Hi, @jain_rohit_ghrc
simply use “Mouse Click” by xpath action

Example attached (1.5 KB)


I do not have this function available in my Mouse click Event.
And when I tried to open ur recording in my workspace getting the attached error.


Your version is not 1.1.3
We released new version with this actions last week, please update


Can u please tell me the Available Software Site .
Tool is asking for preference


Right now you have to delete current version, re-register on

it will send you the link to latest version by email. Download it and install


Can I import my old workspace in the newer version?
Please keep me updated about RPA Express new versions if launched.


We keep workspace after uninstall



I have downloaded software last week. But still i am not get the mouse click path option. Currently version showing as 1.1.4

Can you please help me out.

Thanks & Regards,
Vijaya Sarathy S


The Mouse Click by XPath is available if your action is inside Open Website or Switch to Browser action(s).


Now it is available. I have one more doubt. Can we set xpath using variable?.

Thanks & Regards,
Vijaya Sarathy S


You can set xpath using variable in 1.15 version but not in 1.14.




Thanks for the reply. Can you provide the link to download or can you send the link to my email id to download.

Thanks & Regards.
Vijaya Sarathy S


Please, use Workfusion website


I have a very similar question, but I need to take it a step further.

  1. I would like to save the values of a drop-down menu into a List variable. (I tried using a ‘Web Element Get Value’ action to save the list to a list variable I created “name_list”)

  2. Then, I would like to find a value in that list that matches another variable. (I tried using ‘For Each’ loop to iterate ‘name’ in my list ‘names’, then using ‘String Contains’ extract from ‘items’, check input variable for ‘Text’ from a variable ${patient} and output to Boolean variable ‘match’.)

  3. This seems to be working, but… now I would like to click on that value. (So I tried to use a conditional statement to say if ‘match’ = ‘true’ then click on ${patient} since this would be the one that matched. This didn’t work, but I imagine it is because it is not an Xpath.)

Question: Is there a way to read a drop-down menu and click on a selection from that drop-down without knowing the Xpath of each selection?

I’ve attached a screenshot and the bot code so far.

Thanks for any help you can give on this!

Mobile_Note_Appointment_Entry_Table_bot_task.xml (12.8 KB)



please post here your zipped recording folder which cintains the *.rpae file.

also post here the html code of the dropdown OR the entire page html code OR a link to the web page if it is accessible in the Internet.