How to send a kestroke with 3 keys

Hello! I’m trying to send a keystroke with 3 keys: CTRL+ALT+S
But, RPA Express allows me to send maximum 2 keys,.
Is it possible, in some how, to send 3 keys?

I’m using JDE (terrible, because all keyboard shortcuts are based in 3 keys), and screens are made, I think, using a specific technology that don’t allow me to capture a screen shoot.

Thanks in advance!

Can you clarify? I am able to use 3 keystrokes in Excel all the time. Using Key combination option, I was able to do Ctrl-Alt-s



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Hello John! The problem was that: just to get a way to combine CTRL+ALT+S.
If I try to do that just pressing the keys, simply doesn’t work.
But, following your prints, I had an idea, and it works! ; )

I pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL.
So, the “lock” screen on Windows has appeared. After that I pressed “esc”.
In somehow, the key saved on RPA were CTRL+ALT+{DELETE}
But, this is odd (odd, but it works): the last key seems dynamic… I mean: after that, any key I pressed changed the {DELETE}. So, I pressed “S”, and it works!

Thanks a lot!

You can not send ctrl+alt+S because that is the shortcut to stopp the robot executing.
If you run the script again it will work, so it is a bug that they never seems to fix.