How to set file rollover for workspace-api.log file

I noticed that RPA Express is creating one big large workspace-api.log file.
How to set daily rollover for this file?

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Hello @sureshs.

This file should be rolled over automatically. Can you please advise RPA Express version from Control Panel - Programs and Features?

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RPA Express version is

Thank you. Can you please show your Windows Task Scheduler? Do you have task in the folder “WorkFusion”? It should look like below.

I restarted the task and is working as expected.
I noticed there are many log files at same location, some aren’t rolling over. How to handle these?
Ex: webharvest.log, wf-rest.log, syncQualifications.log etc.

Thank you. They are not rolled over by default, because usually they are used by our application, but the most heavy files should roll over via this task.

Is there a way to set rollover for these files too? I noticed some of these files are of considerably large size