How to set timing for different cases?

How to set the timing for different operations? Like I have many case-ids involving steps. Some case-id take 5 minutes while some 15 minutes. So how to set timings? Is there any command which checks the screen whether the task is completed and then switches to new action?

Hello @vinayak.
Are you talking about RPA Express or SPA?

Hi, I am talking about RPA express only. I am working to automate a software. I want to export files having case ids. All case ids take different time. Is there any parameter which RPA detects that particular process is completed, so that it can move on the other process

Thank you. So there are several options.
If you process all files in one script and each case takes different time, you can add “Wait” action or “Wait for Image”, then set some status into recorder variable and check this status in the next action “If-Else”.
The second option is to write separate scripts for each file, then publish them into Control Tower and run by schedule.
Also you can write your own code to process these files in Code perspective and then you can add any checks or specific timeout for every file.
Hope this information helps.

Thanks a lot. As i have thousands of files, so writing separate scripts is not possible, i think option 1 will be correct.