How to setup Control Tower?

Hello! I use a version of workfusion intelligent automation cloud as on image:

When I try to publish in CT, I have next message:
I spent hours to get information about CT config, but I didn’t find it. What credentials and URL should I enter in this window:

Help me, please!:disappointed_relieved:

Hi @aivanou you need to fill int he server profile as described in this guide:

I used http://localhost:15280/workfusion for URL and and all avaiable credentials for me.
It was credentials from all emails from Automation Academy;
credentials which I defined during installation WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise;
credentials to access Control Tower from link (that credentials valid only to this link).
To accept credentials I pressed “Apply” and “Apply and Close” buttons then. No one of that credentials worked. After “Apply and Close” button in all cases I had an error message, that appeared for a little moment and disappeared very quickly:
What should I do next?

If it is localhost, then you need to use the credentials that you set during the installation.

Is Control Tower fully started? Please share the screenshot of the Components tab.

I deleted WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud and installed it again from that file:
Next screenshost shows all my installation steps:
After launching programm:

Then a enter a password and have an error:

Then I installed server components in the Components tab:
After that I had the same error:

My Component tab looks so:
I tried to enter all credentials again, but there is no result still. The programm shows connection error and and don’t remember any credentials for CT.

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@aivanou try this solution for resetting the password for Studio

After that, you need to turn on server components and till they are fully started before publishing the recording to Control Tower. See more details here:

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Thanks for instructions!
When I deleted “.eclipse” in my user folder and launched Intelligent Automation Cloud such message appeared:
I entered questions and answers for recovering password. No window with changing password appeared as I see in tutorial. Then I modified Intelligent Automation Cloud installation and set new Administration credentials. Now I see such Components tab:
Server profiles credentials are filled now automatically:

When I try to publish to Control Power, I had a message:
What may you advice next?

Fill in the server profile as described here

and restart the application

It’s finaly work! Thank you so much for great support!:smiley:

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Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I’ve met same problem, thanks for all great support.

@helenjones do you have all fields in the server profile filled in?