How to skip reading header in Excel?


I have an excel list of stock and they have headers. I need to get the price from website.
Everything is working fine except that it is copying the header to search as well even when I have set it to read from cell A2.
Any advice?


Hi Kinalina,

You have used Get Column(First) action just after Set Active cell(A2). Meaning, it tries to set active cell as A2 but again it reads entire column(First Column), which includes first row as well (In your case header). You can follow one of the following approaches.

Approach 1:

  1. use Set Active Cell (Start of the document)
    2.Get Cell value (cell below)
    loop through ‘N’ number of rows.

Approach 2:

  1. use Get coulmn(First)
  2. read entire column to a list
  3. loop through the list (except for the first item)

Put some counter variable to skip the first item.

Hope this helps



Yas, you can use a filter to starting with 2 to skip the first row.


i tried the 2nd approach…
if ${item} (!=) myheader
then …

and it works! Thanks.