How to split data in the middle of the business process

Starting from version 2.1.0, RPA Express (and later - Intelligent Automation Cloud Business) comes with a special ETL bot task that allows you to split data stored in Lists in the middle of the business process, so some bot tasks can be performed for each record without using For Each loop, or can be played in parallel on several desktops (in the Business version and during the 30-day trial).

To use the bot task in the business process:

  1. Open the business process for editing

  2. Find ‘Test split bot etl’ on the list ETL tasks available on the right panel and click Copy

  3. Rename and save the copied task

  4. Add the copied ETL task to the business process before the task that needs to use split data

  5. Double-click on the etl bot task, add name of the variable to split, select variable type (list, table), add the name of the variable to store the split data

    NOTE: the current ETL task only works with lists.

  6. Save the bot task and the business process.

The BP used for this example is attached.
Bot task “get company names” receives a list of names from Excel ans saves to the List variable ‘companies’.

Then, the List variables ‘companies’ is split, and each value is stored in a String variable ‘company’.

Bot task “look for rates” opens Yahoo Finance and searches for company stock rates. The bot task uses the data split in the ETL task.

To run the BP, don’t forget to insert the correct path to the Excel file in the input data file.

Rates (10.6 KB)
input-data.csv (39 Bytes)
Companies.xlsx (8.0 KB)

If you have any questions about using the bot task, please post them in this topic!

To be able to split data stored in Tables, download this BP package. It contains ETL task “Data split” that works with Table variables.

It will be included in the future RPA Express releases by default.

Data split task (7.4 KB)

User guide on using the task for splitting data is available in the Knowledge base, along with 2 sample business processes: 1 for splitting Lists, 1 for splitting Tables.

Starting from RPA Express 2.1.3, the default Test split bot etl task works with tables, too. There is no need to import it.

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Hi @ashapkina,

Can you share an example of how to use ETL bot with table please.

Hi @said033 we have an example of splitting a table variable in the Knowledge Base

Hope it’s what you need :slightly_smiling_face: