How to start with RPA Express?

I have basic knowledge on Robotics and RPA. I have installed RPA Express 2.0 software. Want to start working on a sample use case to understand RPA functionality using this tool. Can someone pls help me on how to start and where to start?

Ravi Kumar.

Hi @pisupati

Congrats on starting using RPA Express! :grinning:
I’d recommend starting with RPA Express course in the Automation Academy:

Also, we have a set of training videos in the Knowledge base that will help you get up and running. You can find them on this page:
And the user guide:

Also, here is a new tutorial on getting started with RPA Express

Thank you for the reply. After installing the RPA Express, I tried to start launching the tool but I couldn’t. The reason could be as per the attached image. Please check and let me know on how to resolve the issue.


Attached the (2.8 KB)

@pisupati according to the logs, the hub and node are started.

What happens when you click the start button?

If the bot manager doesn’t start this way, open the Bot Manager in the browser from the tray menu, click localhost and check the statuses of hub and node.

Thank you. Can you pls give me the localhost URL to open from browser? Also, the credentials to open it.

By the way, I forgot to mention like this s/w is installed on my office laptop. Hoping that some firewall issues stopping me to run the RPA services from the tool. Please confirm me on this.

you just need to click this link ‘Bot Manager’ in the tray menu

use the username and password you created during the installation

After clicking that Bot Manager, it says “starting” but after few seconds it goes into “Not started”. Not sure where is the problem.

What are the statuses of hub and node when you open Bot Manager?

Bot Manager is running but WF Studio is not. Here is the screenshot from localhost. Something is stopped from my laptop.

No worries. I am installing it on my personal laptop now and will keep you posted.

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@pisupati thank you. Please let me know if you have any issues again.

Issue got resolved and I am able to work on studio now. Quick question is like this is a 30 day trail version and I would like to know that will the s/w work after 30 days?


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@pisupati glad it got resolved.

After the trial expires, you will still have access to the whole functionality of RPA Express, except the Pro features.

Wonderful. I did not choose the pro features while registering. For now, I have 1 BOT and OCR features with STUDIO IDE. As long as I have these 3, I am good to explore more and show case this tool to my team and other colleagues in my company.

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