How to store credentials secure?

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I have one excel sheet and in that I store some username and password. By using these credentials I log into the specific portal. But the problem is here the password is visible to everyone so I want to put * or . or x in that cell so no one can see my password and I securely log in.

image .

Please tell me how I do that.
Thank you.

Hi every one…
Any one find the solutions for this problems.

You can store credentials in a secure way in Secrets Vault.

ya i know that but i want to stored the password in excel sheet in secret mode .

i think by using encode and decode it is possible ,but how i do that .

Not sure it is available in Excel.

You can protect the file with password so only you can access it, but in this case you will need to copy the data by opening the file on screen.

Or you can hide the columns with the secure data in the file and use Excel actions to copy it to recorder variables.

hi @ashapkina can i use Autoit script on worfusion project because Auto it ready-made script for encoding is avilable in the net.
is it possible to use auto it script on workfusion project.

Hi every one …
Is ti possible to encode the string value on custom script .
is there any ready_made custom script for encode or decode a string value.
please tell me how i do that.

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I am try to encode the string using custom script but i get the error .

Can any one check for what i get the error and please tell me the solution as much as possible.
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Try using this custom scripts for encoding-decoding a string

Encoding a string

import static java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets.UTF_8;

    input = ['original_str'],
    output = 'result_str'

def customScript() {

def encoded_str   = original_str.toString().getBytes("UTF-8").encodeBase64().toString()
result_str = RString.of(encoded_str)

Decoding a string

import static java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets.UTF_8;

    input = ['result_str'],
    output = 'new_str'
def customScript() {

def decoded_str = new String(result_str.toString().decodeBase64(),"UTF-8")
new_str = RString.of(decoded_str)

Thank you so much @ashapkina its rely help full to me.

but how i writing the custom script my self, can you tell me where you find the logic for custom script .

Thank you…

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You can read about the logic of creating Custom Scripts here.

In the custom script, you can use our Simplified RPA API (find the link on the page), standard Groovy and Java classes.

The below classes are added by default and don’t need to be imported:

import java.lang.*
import java.util.*
import groovy.lang.*
import groovy.util.*
import java.math.BigInteger
import java.math.BigDecimal

plus all Java SDK and Groovy SDK classes are available for importing and can be used in the custom script.

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