How to switch between two Remote Desktop Connections?

My Business Process requires to switch between two Remote Desktop Connections. So I was using the Window action to move to the desired window, but its not working. Can you give me a command to switch between two Remote Desktop Connections in RPA Express?

Hi @anandhan, the bot cannot switch to window? Or does it manage to switch, but cannot click the elements on the window?

@ashapkina Bot is unable to perform keyboard shortcuts. Only Mouse Click is working. And while switching to remote also we have to create a run shortcut in order to open any application.

@anandhan is it related to this issue? Win+r does not work in RPA Express 2.0 on a remote server Sorry, I missed your message there.

This issue hasn’t been fixed yet. We are planning to focus on solution to it in August.

@ashapkina If possible please notify about the change when it is completed. Thanks.

Sure, I will post it on the forum.