How to temporary save a screenshot of a web page?

Can we save a screen shot of a web page under a temporary location/variable while executing a BP ?

Hi @uttam_guptaYXn you can use keystrokes to take and save screenshots. The key combination (Win+PrtSc, Win+S) and the default location where screenshots are saved depend on what PC you use.

If you need to delete saved screenshots at the end of execution, you can do it using Delete File/Folder action.

@ashapkina- How could I type the command directly in the key to be pressed? Everytime I do Win+Shift+S it decides to screenshot the RPA script as well and when I press esc, it records the esc :slight_smile:

Instead of pressing ESC you can just click on the screen or close the window, and the combination will be recorded.


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Thank you for the super quick response!

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