How to transfer data between Bots?

@here… I have created 2 different Bots, one using RPA recorder and another one using code approach xml file. I have published these two to the control tower. I want to know can we add these two different type of Bots in a single process? how to transfer data between RPA recorder and Bot task?

Anyone can help? Thanks in advance

Hey! Do you mean you want to create a process in a Control Tower and add the Bots as its steps? Sure, it is possible. In case you’re speaking of creating a process (i.e. a new recording) in WF Automation Cloud Studio and using your Bots as steps - then nope, the program does’n support such functions.

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@artikss thanks for your reply. Yes actually I have created new recording using RPA Recorder for reading email body and published it to control tower, as using “mail-check” plugin I am not getting whole body content. I wanted to transfer this email body as input for next Bot.