How to update published bot task


I am having trouble updating a published bot task through RPA Express Studio (free). I would expect that once a bot task gets published again, the new version replaces the old one. However, looks like I am stuck with the original version of my bot task in the Designer. Whenever I try to create a new process, the bot task that I drag drop into the workflow is the original version.

I do not want to change the name of the bot task, or publish to a new bp. What am I missing?

Also, what is the proper way to delete a process? If I try to create a schedule in control tower the drop down is full with what appears to be all the processes I have ever created, then deleted(?) through: “view all business processes” > select all > delete.

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Good questions. I’m wondering the same things.

I would expect that once a bot task gets published again, the new version replaces the old one.

Sometimes when I publish a recording (usually the day’s first time), there is a ‘unable to perform connection to remote host’ error. The recording gets published but the metadata for Script ID in Control Tower isn’t received (You can see metadata in the Publish to Control Tower wizard) And then if you publish such recording again, it’ll get published as a new BP which I’d not prefer.

However if first publishing was succesful, updating should work if you select Publish to Control Tower. If everything is okay, window title will be Update Business Process with new recording and at bottom you’ll see Script ID. Like this:

(Im using workstation on my pc and Control Tower on a server)

You are absolutely right: once you publish the bot task again, it has to be updated in Control Tower.
Which version of RPA Express are you using, 2.0.0. or 2.0.1? Do you publish it from the Recorder or as a bot task from Code perspective?

Looking at Workfusion Studio version in Installation details I see I am using 2.0.1.

I have been trying to publish as a bot task from the Code perspective.

@rgithkopoulos this is weird. I re-checked it on 2.0.1, and it was updated after publishing for the second time. Are you sure you saved the changes before publishing?

As for your second question: we are aware of the issue with deleted processes being available in the scheduler. We are planning to solve it for future releases, but there is no any ETA yet.

I just tried to recreate the issue myself but now it did work as expected. Looks like it does not happen every time…

A few days ago I was doing the development on the workfusion studio and I was publishing again and again new versions - this is when I noticed the problem and, yes, I was saving before publishing. Since then I have been doing the development on the control tower so I did not have to deal with it (no problems with updating bots again and again on the control tower).

I will update this thread if the problem occurs again and I find a pattern that may be helpful…

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Thank you for update. Yes, please let us know if you have this issue again.