How to update the RPAExpress?

I have RPAExpress version 2.0.1 and i want to update it to 2.0.5. How to do that ?

When i click on RPAExpressInstaller.exe it gives me option only for uninstall. Then how to update ?

You need to download a new version’s installer from our website, run it and select Update option in the installer window.
The process is described here:

But as per the note in the link you sent i have already installed RPA Express 2.0.

Yes, as you have 2.0.1, you can just download the new installer and select Update.

If you had 1.8.0 or an earlier version, you’d need to delete RPA Express and install a new one.

Ok done thanks. :slight_smile:

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Can you please help me. I tried to follow the update steps but after the update process finished, nothing changes, nothing was updated!

Hi, @annguyen do you get any error?
From which and to which version did you try to update?

Did not get any error. From 2.2.1 to 2.3.0.
Thanks for reply.

Did you download and run the new installer file from the website?

Yes, i followed the update instructions steps.
After restart the computer, it was updated.
Thanks so much for helping.

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