How to use Automation Academy category effectively


Welcome to Automation Academy discussion!

Here you can address all your issues with Academy learning paths from free community courses to advanced RPA, ML, and other paths.

Please feel free to share your experience with courses, ask questions on the assignments and provide feedback. In this category, you can not only report issues and get support from trainers and peers, but also discuss your ideas with the automation community.

Find here the following tags for browsing Forum easily:

  • Power User courses - where you can raise or join discussion connected with our free Power User Learning path

  • Advanced courses* - for all the general questions and suggestions related to our advanced RPA, ML and other training paths, i.e. certification, learning paths, assignments, and grading.

  • AE Specialist* - a subcategory for all the AE Specialist trainees, who would like to discuss assignments, report issues or find brilliant solutions.

  • ML Data Analyst* - this section is for all the trainees who are taking Machine Learning Data Analyst course to communicate about assignments, issues and discuss ideas

  • ML Engineer* - a subcategory for all the future ML engineers, who would like to discuss assignments and discuss different ML solutions and approaches.

  • IT Specialist* - join this subcategory if you are taking IT Specialist course, share your thoughts and find answers for your questions

  • Analytics* - the right place to discuss training if you’re going to learn more about WorkFusion Analytics.

  • Delivery Manager* - this section is for all the trainees who are taking Delivery Manager learning path and needs trainers assistance.

  • Solusions Consultant* - this section is for those who would like to get certified as Solutions Consultant and share their experience.

Note that the categories with the asterisk (*) are available for registered advanced trainees only.