How to use dropdown inside the recorder


I have trying to note that currency rates from
I have an excel which has list of foreign currencies . I want to take one value and save the corresponding INR value in the same excel file in adjacent column.
I am not able to think how i can find the selected foreign currencies in the dropdown.


Hi @ashutosh_kumar,
Take a look at these videos -

  1. “How to build a script” under Excel
  2. “How to use Web Group” under Web Actions.

The Excel video teaches you how to iterate over a list or column of excel values and the Web video shows you how to use xpath to insert values into the website and get a search result. You can combine the two methods for your use case.


Thats fine. @pooja
I am having difficulty in searching a value in the dropdown.(Since the xpapth of the dropdown remains same, how can i locate the value in the entire dropdown)

Can you pls help me with a sample script



You can click the dropdown using XPath, and then type the “INR” + ENTER - as a result your option will be selected