How to Use Retry action to wait to page/image to load



I am developing a small script that wait for a page to in a different time to complete. the page loads from 1sec to 3min. I know 3 min is too much but what i am try to use the retry action. this could applied on waiting for section of a site without definite time to complete.

Retry action definition:
The nested action will be repeated until no exceptions occur or the maximum number of retries is reach

in my script i set the page to load in 30 seconds but its not retrying to execute the nested action when there is exception. Yes, i tried adding exception handling also but it keeps going on next action without success.



you wait for image for 0 ms which is not a right approach.

In fact you can do one of the following:

  • Open website (${url}) + set the Wait up to parameter to 20 000 ms

  • or just use the Wait for Image with more than 0 ms parameter