How to use switch to Browser

I’m trying to use the switch to browser function but it does not allow me to indicate which browser to switch to. Is there something wrong with this function?

This action activates the browser window (either one of the RPA Express portable browsers or Internet Explorer) previously launched with the Open Website action.
More information about Actions you can find here

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I’ve read the answer and the kb article. I’ve opened a web page using the “Open website” action, copy some values from xpath and paste it into Excel, when that’s done I have the “Switch to Browser” action, when playing the recording it gets to the this step but the site does not get focus at all.

I have read a few of the Posts and I am having a similar issue to Alex.lopes . However, in my case the browser closes when it gets to the switch to browser action. Any Ideas?

It does not bring the focus, but allows to use webactions afterwords, like WebElement and click by xpath

Thank you for that clarification. However, is it normal behaviour for the switch to browser free action to close the browser? This is what appears to happen to me.

After further investigation, I discovered that if the routine ended with a web element then the web browser will close. For example, if your routine ended with open browser. It would open the browser as per the instruction but would also close it once finished.

I have the similar issue, I tried adding a web element inside Switch browser but still no luck. For me the browser is not close but getting a Java exception.

Also i posted the query to the forum. Here is the link for it

I’m facing a similar problem and not sure what is the correct way to use Switch Browser action? It looks very straight forward yet not working in my case.

Moreover, is there any chance I can open up 2 or more browsers with different URLs and keep switching between them? I tried a very simple recording but it didn’t work out for me! Browser window never gets the focus and everything gets closed after the last instruction.


Im not too sure on the multiple Browser at once part of your question. However, the switch t browser function doesn’t actually put focus on the browser. it makes it usable for the other web element tasks. Also I noticed that if the last action in you script is a browser focused activity. then it will automatically close it down at the end. very odd, I know.

Progress you script a little and then try to run it. you will notice that it just works.

Hope that helps

Hi, @enzo, @haider_raza
You can not use 2 “Open browser” action

Here is a small example, for better understanding
Simply unzip it to
and run in recorder (1.9 KB)

Hi @mzhalniarkevich,

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I figured that (and didn’t like that :-)) and proceeded with a work around for my needs.

Hi @haider_raza
How did you resolve the problem?