How to use value of a recorder variable inside another recorder variables?

For example, I want to open Outlook and send a letter. I take the value of text variable (text call of first recorder variables) and put it as a message to outlook-letter, for example here is this text:

“Hello everyone! Let’s make a call tomorrow at ${wf_city_currtime}. Please take into consideration that in my city the time will be ${my_city_currtime}. Regards!”

How to use values another variables [${my_city_currtime}, ${wf_city_currtime}] inside value of first variables?

I can not find the answer in kb… I probably don’t understand something important and very simple
I try different variants: ${my_city_currtime} or ${{my_city_currtime}} and the result is the same ((

@pharkavyi whatever you write in the recorder variables panel the bot treats as text. I guess what you need in this case is Constant Value action.

You can see examples of using it in the script in the Building Bots course in Automation Academy.