How to use Web Services in RPA Express?


I have to use web services for transfer of information in RPA Express, can someone please help


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Could you please add some specification to your question?
What specifically we can help you with?

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Is there any action by which we can use web services in RPA Express.


In particular I want to work on Soap Action, to use the web services . Is it possible?



Currently, there is no such action in RPA Recorder.

But you can use any http calls in the Bot Tasks in Control Tower. See:


So is it possible to use web services using http calls, and which credentials it asking after clicking on this link?


yes, it is possible.

To access KB, you need to get an account (it is provided to WorkFusion customers and partners upon request).


how will I get an account?


Ask your manager to contact the WorkFusion account manager assigned to your company.


please clear if you are talking about this link.


There is no other way that I can get the credentials by my own? And can you please tell me if we can perform web services examples directly with SOAP/REST action in SPA?


No other way to get credentials.
You can use SOAP/REST action in SPA.


These credential are for SPA knowledge base?


yes, they are for SPA knowledge base


But i have to use web services in RPA EXPRESS not in SPA. Can i do that?


technically - yes - you can create any Bot Task in Control tower. But the documentation access is limited right now.


But there is no action to use web services , i have been trying it for hours.


there is no action in RPA Recorder, it can be done through Groovy code in the Control Tower app.


Ok , I have started learning this tool by my self . Now I have to integrate a process using web services. Can you please explain me a bit more how should I proceed.


Can you please explain?