How to Utilize all Bots on a single Process - RPA Express 2.0

Hi all,

I know I must be missing something, but I cannot determine how to use all of my bots (4) on a single process. When I run the process manually, I do not see the 3 other RDP desktops used at all.

Do I need to configure something in a specific way?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jim, do I understand correctly that you want to run the same business process from Control Tower on 4 bots simultaneously?

Hi Alesia!

Thanks for the quick reply!

You are correct! At Ascend in NYC last week, I saw a demo where 4 bots took a list of x inputs and each bot ran an input, then the next took the next input, and so on.

Basically, If I have an input file of 100 websites (for example) to search for specific text, I’d like the first bot to take the first site, second takes the next one, etc, until all sites have been visited/searched.

Make sense?

You need to upload your data file (it need to be a .csv file; first row has to be the name of the variable; other rows are the values of this variable) to the Data tab in the business process.

When you run the business process, the records in the input data will be allocated to all available bots automatically.

Here is a small sample process with a data file.

fruits.rar (658 Bytes)

data.csv (62 Bytes)

Thanks! I will try this.

But, I think I see an issue about not utilizing all bots. See screenshot below.

I think this may be due to 3 of the 4 showing offline, but I will restart all component and see if this changes. Otherwise, the licensing is odd.

But you still have 26 days of trial, so all bots should be available.
It cuts the number down to 1 bot only after the trial expires.

OK, so see screenshot. All bots running (bot 0 of course is my PC) and licensing still states only 1 bot is licensed.

Oh no, it says 1 bot will be available once the license expires. But I understand your confusion - perhaps, we should change the wording a bit

Yeah, I see that now. :slight_smile:

So my original question is valid. How do I get all 4 bots working on the same process simultaneously? Do I have to do anything specifically, or is it “automatic”?

You don’t need to do anything, the process will automatically be executed on all bots that are running at this time.