How to write to a table with dynamic values?

I have an Excel file with folder names in one column.
Now I have to iterate through the rows, Check existence for each of the folder and write the result to the second column. I have done until iteration and temporarily writing it to an text file.
But i am not able to store the result in a table for writing it to excel using set range. How can i do that or is there any other possible ways to do this.

Attached the project for your reference. Please help. (1.6 KB)

@ashapkina Can you help on this.

@SN00483157a is it an assignment in the RPA Developer course?

No… it is not. this is a project use-case. A kind of regular health check activity.

Ah, OK, then it should be in the RPA Express category.

Oh. Sorry. I didn’t know that.
Is there a solution to this issue, writing to an excel file

Sure, you can just set an active cell to B1, and then write values to cells below from variables.

Thanks a lot. It’s working great!:heart_eyes:

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Glad it helps :grinning:

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