Http-extended via Proxy and Context is not defined


I’m trying to use the http-extended to make a GET from a website via the proxy configured in:
Window -> Preferences -> General -> Network Connections -> Proxy Entries

I’m getting as response:


Exception occurred during executing HTTP method GET:
(…) HTTP Status: http method is null.

This problem is forcing me to use original http plugin instead.


The second problem is that the context variable http only returns the information about requests made by http plugin. There is a way to get the response code? I’m ung the WF http-extended plugin for REST POST requests.

Hi @hulevych,

Could you please clarify if you’re using RPA Express or SPA?


I’m using both, but this problems appear on RPA Express.

@hulevych thanks for the response.
Could you please clarify some moment:
-Your RPA Express version;
-Does the issue occur only in RPA? Or in SPA also?

Also can you share you code?

I’m trying to run this code on Version 2.2 WorkFusion RPA Express Lumen:
<http-extended method="get" url=";o=acs" charset="UTF-8"></http-extended>

On SPA I’m not able to configure the proxy because my company’s security policies. About the http context variable I use a similar request but with POST method and a JSON on the body.