I am new to work fusion. I have good experience with UiPath and also did certification in the same. How do i start working on WORKFUSION?

So as i said, I have been working on uipath for a long time and now going to enter into workfusion field. I was wondering how do I make an approach towards the work fusion?
Like as off now, I have no idea what it is used for, or how do i get to know this. or how do i download and install it.???

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It’s simple if your organisation is partners/customers with Workfusion. You can simply contact your RPA Practice Head to enroll you to Smart Process Automation courses.

In the mean time, you can start with community courses in https://automationacademy.com/learn/login/index.php


Thank you so much.
As off now, I am working on Uipath. But I would like to get some exposure on Work fusion as well.
I do have an account on Acedamy. but i was wondering if I can do some kind of certification on work fusion.
Please let me know as soon as possible.

I think there is a bit of confusion here. Automation Academy is the learning portal for/by Workfusion. You can learn Workfusion only from Automation Academy.

Ok i get it. But then how about certification?
Is there some way I can get training and certification at the same time?? Like its there for Uipath.

Hi @hacky_wacky,

We provide certificates after each community course (Automation Essentials, RPA Express, Get to Know Intelligent Automation and Power User Level 1).

There are several advanced courses in the Academy, like RPA, ML etc. which are available only for partners and customers trainees by nominations.

As I see there are no agreement in place with your company, but if you would like to be a WorkFusion Partner/Customer we can provide you contact details.

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Hey @abulka,
I appreciate your response on such a short notice. I have been working on UiPath tool for about couple of years now. And I also found work fusion to be really interesting and easy to understand. As off now, I am just another fish in the pool of RPA but would like to know more and get exposed to more RPA tools. That being said, I do have some certifications on Uipath (foundation, orchestrator and advanced.) all from the Uipath Web site. Also I looked up and understood that workfusion has a very same forum(this one) and website like UIpath. So I was wondering if Work fusion has some free online certification courses that I can get myself into.

That being said, I am looking to get some authenticated certificates as an RPA developer. Please tell me, if possible.

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Please read the previous comments.


Please check Community learning path: https://automationacademy.com/learn/course/index.php?plan=1

Ok now I get it,
So I understand that once I am done with the courses. I will be getting the corresponding certification.
Am I getting it right?

Please do respond.

You will :slight_smile:

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