I can not find the Manual Task in Workspace (Assignment 2, Power User Basics)



Dear Members.

I am in trouble that I can not find the Manual Task in my Workspace at assignment 2 of the course of Power User Basic. The release of RPA Express is 2.1.4. Please let me know what I should do.

Imported Business Process assignment 2 to my Control Tower.

The result of running this Business Process

Finding Manual Task

Opened the Workspace and clicked the task bar(the result of searching keyword ‘Miscellaneous’ and ‘Miscellaneous Task’ were the same.)

Manual task not found


Dear team

I scratch installed rel. 2.1.5 (uninstall 2.1.4 and install 2.1.5). Then
the Manual Task became to appear in my Workspace.
Sorry the chrome is in Japanese.

It was the same issue at other assignment related Manual Task. I do not know whether it was the bug at previous release.


Dear ashapkina-san

Thank you for your supports.
I had installed new release 2.2.0 of RPA Express and tested this Manual Task again, but unfortunately the Manual Task did no appear in my Workspace of new release again. It was returned to the previous version 2.1.4 state. So now I am asking support team this issue at rel.2.2.0.

And then I re-installed rel. 2.1.5 from 2.2.0(scratch installed) and tested this Manual Task again. The result was the Manual Task was appeared completely. I am recognizing that this issue was solved with only at 2.1.5 now.


Thanks for reporting @s_hagiwara. We’ll test it with 2.2.0 and see if we manage to reproduce this issue.


@s_hagiwara I tested OCR+IE business process and the BP package that you sent to our support team, and the manual task appeared in the WorkSpace, so we don’t currently have an idea what can cause this issue in your WorkSpace. Our support team will contact you directly regarding further steps.


Dear Alesia-san

Thank you for your supports. I am discussing with your supports team. If it solved, I will post this topic again. Now I am very confused because the Manual task became not to appear in Workspace 2.1.5.